Det er lov til å tulle litt også?

Jeg husker det var en periode hvor jeg virkelig hatet velour. Jeg skulle aldri gå i det, det var ikke snakk om. Nå har jeg både kjoler, skjørt, bukser og topper i stoffet. Det er litt rart å bli voksen, man liker ting man aldri trodde man kom til å like. Som det å sitte på på konsert, pinnekjøtt, avocado og kaffe. I morgen derimot skal jeg være ung igjen, da reiser jeg til Thailand for en toukers ferie. Jeg gleder meg, aaah! God tur til meg!



OK, so I’m finally here in beautiful Thailand. I’ve been looking forward to this trip this since we first decided to go. Internet is about non-exsistent where I’m staying, but I’ll try to upload as much as possible. Follow Instagram for more pictures! @anegyll

Uploading a picture takes 5 minutes and my patiens is running low. Argh!

I’ve been here for two days and I’ve experienced alot already, like touching an eagle!! Next in line is butterfly-garden, Big Buddah and getting my scuba diving sertificate! Can’t wait to tell you and show you everything!



Yesterday night was awful. No sleep, fever and things came out.. Both ways. Uuugh.. I’m not gonna bother you with details. Well, anyhow. I bought myself a pair of Aldoshoes today at a shopping centre. I just had to buy, they had my name written all over them. Tomorrow I’m starting up with my scuba diving certificate, I’m so excited. Wish me luck guys!



YES! I finally made it, I’m a certified Open Water Diver! I had my brother helping me out and he was great. No, the best actually! I had a tiny panic attack in the beginning, but he calmed me down and made me relax. A whole other world was introduced, and it was amazing. I recommend this to everyone, it’s a beautiful experience you’ll never forget. I can’t wait til next dive, and I’ll try diving wherever I can.